Garden Design and Planning Consultation - $100

This is a 60 - 90 minute on-site consult where we will:

Discuss your gardening aspirations and goals for your space.

Decide what type of garden design would best fit your needs.

Explore the best locations, considering sun exposure, irrigation, and terrain.


Coaching Consult – $75

This is a 90 minute on-site consult where we will:

Help you choose the best location for your future garden or make suggestions to improve your current garden.

Teach you about plants that grow well in our area and what will work best for you and your family. 

Provide you with the skills to maintain and care for your garden, so that you can enjoy fresh, healthy, organic harvests.


Garden Maintenance – Price Varies

Sometimes you just need a little extra help.  We can help you revitalize your old garden, work alongside you to maintain your garden, or provide a full maintenance schedule to keep your garden in tip-top shape.

Maintenance Packages include bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly services.


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