Custom made corrugated galvanized steel with 2in thick cedar trim 3ft x 8ft x 14in garden box. This box is made to last and looks beautiful in your yard. Delivery is included for free within 15 mile radius from Pflugerville, TX. If you live outside this radius then please message us and we will add on a small delivery fee.


These boxes are currently being preordered for Mother's Day and Delivery Day will be May 8-10, 2021


If you would like to add soil and the two modern panel trellises then use the drop down to adjust your choices. 


Corrugated Steel Raised Bed

  • Does the metal get hot in the sun?

    The metal surface ends up reflecting most of the sun’s heat and, while it does get warm, it doesn’t get overly hot to the touch and won’t result in your soil overheating. 

    Is galvanized metal safe for the garden?

    Galvanized metal is coated in a layer of zinc which has been bonded to the steel. Heating the steel to almost 400 degrees or exposing it to highly acidic materials can cause this bond to break down, but this should not be the case in your garden. 

    Return Policy

    We value the quality of our boxes and know you will too. If there are any issues with your box then please email and we will work with you to make it right.