Plan your garden, while it's still nippy outside.

So here in the Austin area, we have the HUGE benefit of being able to literally grow year-round. The variety of what grows may thin out during mid-winter (and the dog days of summer) but something can thrive in our kitchen gardens all year. Yay! This season it takes a little watching, what with 80 degree days followed by light frost nights (-sigh-Austin) so it’s good to have some plant covers on hand.

So, what should we be doing during this occasional frosty time of year? This post has something for everyone. Those that have a kitchen garden can add something new or try boosting their winter production. Those who leave their garden empty in winter can (and should!) get something in the beds. Take a look at our cool season planting list for some light bulbs, and plant what speaks to you!

And for those who do not yet have a kitchen garden…the time to prep is now!

I tell you folks, it happens to all of us. We would LOVE a gorgeous growing space, we’re dreaming of fresh garden herbs and tomatoes, and this is the year! It’s warming up, close to planting time, we have sketches and plant lists scattered about, getting soil is on our to-do list and then…life gets away with us and the time to plant has come and gone…the usual pattern.

Too many gardeners confess that our gardens get put on the backburner and miss the best planting seasons. (Just ask my sweet pea vines that should have been sown in OCTOBER!)

Ok so the skinny of the rant is this: Plan now, early, when it’s cold, like now guys, so you are ready to hit the ground running as soon as planting weather hits. New beds built, soil prepped, water lines laid, planting design in hand...all things that when planned early make a garden dream come true.

Ready to break the pattern? Designing gardens is what we love most. With a consultation we come out to you to check out your garden canvas, help you find the best locations, and lay the plans for your dream garden. Before the dog-days surprise us in, you know, March. (Haha) The best part it...we'll even build it for you.

Schedule a virtual consultation, and we can get started! CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

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