Grow a garden, grow yourself.

This year, we really feel a need to get back to the heart of things, remember where we want our feet planted, and make a resolution that becomes a revolution in our lives.

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Kitchen gardens, are the heart of the homestead. They have been the center of families and communities for ages. Growing your own can ground you in a way you may not expect. That's why this year we are calling for a new start! To grow a garden, and to grow yourself.

We, and countless gardeners before us have learned something. Gardening doesn't just give us food. It doesn't just give us a hobby. It's much deeper than that. Building up something you can nurture, design, change, experiment with, and essentially develop over the years is really quite something.

Another big something is the thought of continuing the traditions of centuries. This is one I really love. You know that feeling when you see a fat, fluffy chicken? Just scratching here and there. Doesn't it bring a homey, warm kind of feeling? I love watching chickens. It makes me want to get back to my roots, and that means gardening. (And chickens, that's step two.)

Gardens also get us outside! To a deeper connection to the earth, the change of the seasons, natures ebbs and flows; it brings a rhythm to life. One that's outside of the digital bubbles that seems to perpetually...well...self perpetuate. (Darn those unread emails!) A kitchen garden is the perfect foil, the exact opposite. A place where you put your heart into something real, line upon line, and something real comes back from it, right into your morning smoothie.

The last but, for today's thoughts, the most important, is how you grow as a person as you garden. Your knowledge grows as your veggies do, in a rather wide range of topics! And with that knowledge comes a confidence that grows your abilities as a gardener. Abilities are meaningful! They give us character. They give us something we can contribute with, share bounty from, or teach to another person. Once you learn to do something, that's something you have! Baking bread, managing your business, playing an instrument, rocking a new baby, or knowing when to plant those baby tomatoes right when they're ready to root.

None of these things were things you knew from the start. They grew, as you did. Gardens are the same. They can seem unruly (especially here in Texas) but you get the hang of it, and then it's part of you. And your kitchen table!

Throughout the year this 2021, we'll be sharing some thoughts on why Kitchen Gardens are wonderful in our eyes, and why we think growing them grows us in return. Keep an eye out for future "Grow a Garden, Grow Yourself" posts on our social media.

Come grow with us!

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