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3 Easy Plants to Grow Over Summer in Austin

Thanks to our triple-digit temps in July and August, plants have to really love heat to do well here over the summer months. Read on to discover three easy-growing plants that will thrive even when it's so hot your black steering wheel has become an instrument of torture.

Plant One: Zinnias

Native to southwestern grasslands, Zinnias are quite possibly one of the easiest plants to grow. They have a high germination rate when you start them from seed, they transition from seed to flower in a matter of weeks, and they're drought-tolerant. You might think you couldn't ask for more, but just wait: these low-maintenance plants attract pollinators, look beautiful as cut flowers, and come in fun varieties to add pops of color to your garden. It's even easy to save the seeds from dried flowers for next year's crop.

Plant Two: Basil

When you think of how well basil does in Italy and other dry Mediterranean climates, it seems obvious that basil would soak up our hot Texas summers. Just when we have to say bye to other leafy greens that bolt at the first sign of 90 degrees, this hot-weather hero comes to the rescue. Basil loves a nice, hot day, the sunnier the better. While basil is considered an annual in other places, those of us in Austin can enjoy this herb's fragrant scent year-round with some proper frost protection.

Plant Three: Okra

Okra is a nutrient-dense addition to any kitchen garden. This tall-growing plant from Ethiopia loves bright sun and produces beautiful flowers. The edible seed pods have a mild flavor that can be used in many different dishes, not just gumbo. Mucilage, the sticky substance inside, acts as a natural thickener when heated. Even if the texture of okra is not your thing, this is still a really fun heat-loving vegetable to try out in your garden this summer.


Zinnias with their beautiful blooms, basil with its delicious smell, and okra with its unique shape and texture will carry you through to the fall, when you'll be able to take another stab at growing the kale and lettuce of your dreams.

No matter what growing season it is, Lettuce Grow Something can help you fill your garden with color, beauty, and nutritious things to eat. Our garden consultants are ready to help you build the garden you've always wanted.

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